Practices will start mid-February, games approximately mid-March, and season will end mid May 2018.

About Toro Girls Softball

Toro Softball provides girls 6-14 a supervised recreational softball experience.  Toro is one of seven communities in our area that belong to the American Association Central Coast Softball (CCS).  Girls in our program play approximately 50% of their games “on the road”.  We play in Seaside, Marina, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Salinas, Carmel and Toro Park.  Last year 14 teams comprised Toro Softball League.

Parent's Code of Ethics 

As we are a recreational league - our intent is that our children grow and encourage each other this season and we all support this growth in any way possible.    

Board of Directors

President                Lesley Borman        (831)238-5720
Vice President        
Ingrid Stoffel          (831)521-0806

Secretary               Susie Muller           (831)594-1472
Board Member       Missy Young           (831)277-9995
Board Member       Dave Sargenti       (831)596-4724
Board Member       Carli Chasen          (831)578-2717

​Board Member       Matt Panziera      (831)214-3737

Board Member       Mary Sandoval     (831)206-3109

​Board Member       Ginger Steiner      (831)262-8352

Board Member       Laura Cederstrom (831)917-7042

Board Member       Rob Green             (831)277-2347

Toro Softball League

PO Box 7155
Spreckels, CA  93962


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Toro Softball League